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Character Bios

Character Bios published on

Hank Burns
Owner / Store Manager
The best friend of Tony, he’s a bit crass and greedy. But when the chips are down, Hank knows how to get things done even if it kills you.
Tony Parsons
Assistant Manager
The best friend of Hank. He’s a twitchy guy who has an unhealthy addiction to sugary drinks.
Monique Parsons
Sales Clerk
Sister of Tony and usually the lone voice of reason when the guys get into trouble. An insanely good Pac-Man player.

Calvin Grimm
Sales Clerk
A weird teenager Tony hired when Hank and Mo went missing.

Comic Archives

Comic Archives published on
Comics that don't belong to any other storyline.
From The Perverted Ashes It Rises
Hank purchases the old Jubblies adult video store and plans to convert it into a regular video outlet.
Delegation of Duty
Hank and Tony give up cleaning the store for the day and head off to see a movie. At least, that’s the goal.
Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
One night while leaving his store, Hank is abducted by aliens.
The Betrayal
Hank and Tony go to war when Tony starts a Get-Ur-Flix subscription.
Egotistic Video Phenomenon
When Tony accidentally records over his Thundercats tape, he gets an offer of help from an unlikely source.
Boob Tube
While reviewing a screener for a drunk college girls video, the guys see a face that they instantly recognize.