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This website is a showcase for the series of comics based around the original series called Please Rewind™ launched in 2004. It currently includes the original Please Rewind™ as well as a short spin off series called Cart Classics™.

Please Rewind™

Running from 2004 to 2011, Please Rewind™ was a hyperbolic look at the lives of video rental clerks in the late 90’s. It features three main characters affectionately known as the Nerdly Trio™ – Hank Burns (Store Manager), Tony Parsons (Assistant Manager) and employee Monique Parsons. The series features lots of pop culture related gags and adventures focused primarily on movie culture but also video games, music and toys.

Cart Classics™

A short lived spin-off series that ran from 2015 to 2018, Cart Classics™ finds the trio changing gears and converting their store into a retro gaming outlet when the video rental market collapses. Featuring the original Nerdly Trio™ from the first series, it still focuses on pop culture with a heavier slant towards video games and gaming culture in general.

The Nerdly Trio™

A group of nerdish pop culture fans who have been friends since they were teenagers. They all adore anything to do with movies, music, video games and toys and tend to have unusually chaotic adventures in the pursuit of those items.

Hank Burns

The manager of the store and best friend of Tony. He’s a bit crass and greedy but when the chips are down, Hank knows how to get things done even if it kills you.

Tony Parsons

Assistant manager and best friend of Hank. He’s a twitchy guy who has an unhealthy addiction to sugary drinks.

Monique Parsons

Sister of Tony and usually the lone voice of reason when they guys get into trouble. An insanely good Pac-Man player.