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Summer Vacation Is Here!

Summer Vacation Is Here! published on No Comments on Summer Vacation Is Here!

When the weather gets warmer, it’s time to get out and soak up some sun!

From water filled days at the local pool to soaking in the latest blockbusters, the gang have their hands full getting in as much summer as possible.

Join them on their vacation escapades with this collection of summer themed stories and strips that are just perfect for reading pool side.

Grab your copy today and have some fun in the sun with the Nerdly Trio™!

17 Pop Culture Filled Years!

17 Pop Culture Filled Years! published on No Comments on 17 Pop Culture Filled Years!

Today, believe it or not, marks the 17th anniversary of Please Rewind™!

The strip first appeared online in 2004 following the moderate success of our premiere comic series The Asylumantics™. It quickly climbed to popularity and created a cult classic that still entertains today.

We thank long time fans for sticking with the Nerdly Trio™ for nearly two decades of laughs, chaos and fun and hope you’ll stick around to see what kind of trouble the gang can get into next!