Published on by Chris C.

pr10yearsThis year marks 10 years since Please Rewind™ first appeared online*. What started out as a side project blog comic about my days working at a video store has grown into a respectable comic series that has attracted a lot of fans (especially those who also did time in the trenches).

While the strip has been on hiatus and missing off and on over the last few years, it’s never completely disappeared from fans minds as I would always get an email every few months asking about it’s status. I’m pleased to be able to reboot the strip and introduce it to a new generation of fans as well as original diehards. Without your dedication to strips like this, they would have no reason to exist.

Thank you all for reading and enjoying Please Rewind™. As long as people want to see more of it, I’ll always be happy to try and provide new adventures for Hank, Tony and Monique.

* It officially appeared at the end of 2003, but we count 2004 as it’s real start since it really took off that year.

Published on by Chris C.

I’ve added a new feature to the site today that is a comic tagging system. It will allow you to basically put a kind of “digital bookmark” on any comic in the archive so that when you return to the site you can immediately jump back to the last comic you were reading. While you can only have one tag active at any given time, you can remove a tag and place a new one as many times as you want each time you visit.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.